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The ComplexThe Windmill

photo by Jospehiney Photography


6. Windmill

The windmill was constructed by John Hahn, Lewis Hains, and Ralph Hahn. Hains donated the redwood, while Ralph Hahn was the provider of the actual windmill.  The redwood sections of the derrick date back to the mid-1880s, when it was the derrick of a water tower built for the city of Kalamazoo Michigan, where it stood until 1939.  The timbers were kept in storage until the early fall of 1993, when a local sawmill cut them into smaller boards for use in authenticating the 1800s water pumping windmill.  On October 16, 1993 Orrin Martin of Martin Well Drilling drilled the well and the windmill was fully functional. Many donated volunteer hours went into this project! It was dedicated in May of 1995. 



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